Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11 @ 11:11 AM

Most of the World War I vets have died and the memory of that great war is fading into history fast. So November 11 at the eleventh hour and the eleventh minute carries less and less meaning for us as the end of World War One or the war to end all wars. We now know it wasn't the end of war.

The name of the day even changed from Armistice Day  to Veterans Day to honor all  veterans.

We are still making veterans every day so hug a vet today and say thanks.


  1. I recall that you served in our armed Forces. Thank you. We are surrounded by soldiers in our part of the country. The stories are incredible.

    I have met some of the WW2 vets and pound for pound I would say they were the toughest humans alive. I suppose that is why they were called the Greatest Generation (or Bob Hope generation).

    I do get bits and pieces of WW1 history but you are right, the soldiers have long since departed. We did have WW1 airshow here not long ago.

    I have many a friend who has seen combat in the current arena. We continue to lose our men and women to war.

    It is a thankless very difficult job...

    Once again Thank you Larry..


  2. God bless America. We have a veteran in our church who spoke last night. He was in World War II and in Nam. Army and then the airforce. Amazing stories he shared.

  3. oh, dear... hear in Germany the 11th of the 11th month at 11:11 has a completely different meaning (ok, Germans don't like to remember either war, for obvious reasons).

    11/11 at 11:11 is the beginning of the Carnival season! That's when lots of Germans go crazy, especially during the days just before Ash Wednesday/Lent. Next year, 2011, I'm sure will even be crazier then normal.
    The history behind it? If you take the French cry during the French revolution, "Egalité, Liberté,Fraturnité" (sorry, I can't spell French)... take then the first letter of each word and you get "Elf"... the German word for Eleven!

  4. i knew serval WW1 vets growing up.Afraid they are all gone. was amazing what they did

  5. my dad was/is a vet from WWII, Pacific war. My oldest brother was in Viet Nam.

    I wanted to join the military, too, but women were really wanted back then, except as nurses. :-(