Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One can feel overwhelmed by all the economic news on a daily basis. Not enough investment and too much debt. Should taxes go up to bring the debt down or be kept low to spur on the economy? We hear many experts saying opposite things and that causes us to worry. Fear and pessimism could easily grip our souls.

To over come the overwhelming fear our focus must be to center ourselves on our faithfulness to God. When we do that then we will keep our personal physical and financial house in good order. Be prepared for any possibility.

We have seen that the world economy can be put in to collapse and natural disasters can create havoc all around us at any time. Fire, flood, winds and ice can create conditions that make us feel helpless. The life that is without spiritual strength will falter while the one who is centered in the spirit of God will strive through anything.

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  1. Remember the cartoon of the little locomotive that went faster and faster and faster and faster until it eventually blew up? That's how life today can sometimes feel. But like you said, with faith you can sit on the sidelines and watch all the madness and not be overwhelmed.