Sunday, December 12, 2010

Star Trek Values

I started watching Star Trek on day one of the TV series. I still enjoy watching tapes of the Original series. Often the story line involved some or all of the main characters to “Beam Down” on an alien planet with a few crew personnel from the Starship Enterprise. Any one who follows the show knows that at least one crew member was not going to make it back.

The “extras” were expendable while the stars of the show had to be around for next weeks show. Being hired as crew on the Enterprise was a dangerous job. From week to week you didn’t know if you would live through the show. Of course with alien makeup you could return as something else.

In real life we are all expendable on this earth and for each of us there comes a time when by misadventure, illness, or old age we are recalled by our maker. It doesn’t matter if we are president or pauper when it comes time for us we leave this life as we came in. Our souls are worth an equal share to Jesus no matter who we are. One of the thieves hanged with Jesus was saved and each one of us who calls on Christ is saved. Rich or poor on earth we have the same value in heaven. 

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