Monday, February 14, 2011

Bible - Dollar & Whiskey

Bible – Silver Dollar – Whiskey

A preacher had a son who had just graduated from High School. He wanted to test his son’s character so while the boy was out the father went into his room and placed three objects on the boy’s dresser.

First was a bible thinking that if the boy picked up the bible first he would follow in his father’s footsteps.  The second object was a silver dollar thinking that if the boy picked up the money he would become a business man. The third item was a bottle of whiskey thinking if the boy picked that up he would become a drunken bum.

The father watched for his son to come home and when the boy was approaching the house the father slipped into the boy’s closet so that he could see what happened. His son walked into the room and saw the three objects on the dresser. He studied the carefully and picked up the bible. The father’s heart filled with joy. Then the boy picked up the dollar and put it in his pocket. Confusion was the boy going to be a televangelist?

The father’s heart stopped when he saw his son pick up the whiskey, and take a big swig from it. Oh no he is going to become a politician.  

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