Thursday, March 31, 2011

They Were Just Like Us

After two thousand years we think of the Disciples of Jesus as special saints of great spiritual power but they were just ordinary people living ordinary lives. Yes they were just like you and me dealing with day to day living. They were fishermen, tax collectors, merchants and so on and then they met Jesus the rabbi. Then they became his students [disciples] and followed him as he walked the country side teaching and preaching.

We must note that they were not always particularly good students either, C+ at best and sometimes an F- for grades. Time and again they just don't get it! Even Peter when he made the "Good Confession," getting an A for that, turned around and got an F for not understanding that Jesus must die on the cross. Like all of us today they had their ups and downs in learning about their faith.

That gives me hope! 

If those who walked and talked with Jesus himself had difficulty grappling with faith issues then my efforts may also succeed if I keep at it. I remember that it was only when the Holy Spirit filled them that they had enough power to be the Disciples who became leaders of the Church. I too need the Holy Spirit to be a good Disciple of Christ.

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  1. Often I have to reflect on this too realizing that these times where I just blow it are nothing new to the Lord and that we must keep our eye on Him.