Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Fire of the Season

Our Fireplace at Christmas
Sunday morning was cold but the weather forecasts indicate that it is the last day of the season for it to be that cold. Our wood rack in the house still had some fire wood stacked in it. Saturday night we decided to have one last fire on Sunday morning and use up all the wood in the house.

My darling was up early and lit the fire so that it was going strong by the time I woke up. The fire is always mesmerizing and I sat in the recliner watching it. My darling brought me a cup of coffee and a muffin and I sat there trying to focus my mind on that fire.

While she was busy in the kitchen I sat in silence and as I often do said my morning prayers. Part of my prayer time is to simply be silent in the presence of the almighty. I gave thanks for the winter fires that kept us warm and gave us joy. Finally I was interrupted by a sweet voice asking if I was ready for more coffee. Yes I am spoiled by my sweetheart.

Now today my first task is to clean up the fire place for the summer season and put the tools away until the fall.

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