Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cruel Medical Hoax

This morning I received an email from a friend. She did a forward to all her friends about a "Johns Hopkins Cancer Update" that I have seen before. It is a total hoax that encourages people to not do chemo but follow a list of things that you might see in a herb shop.

It is one thing to proclaim the benefits of an all natural diet but quiet another to make claims that a famous research hospital is telling people to get off meds. It is cruel and and could kill someone.

Sadly I have received a lot of these forwards that are total hoaxes that people just keep sending and resending for decades. People before you resend an email that was a forward to you --- check it out to see if is is true.

Some of these great emails that ask you to forward carry a virus that infects your computer when you forward.

A word to the wise NEVER forward with out checking and knowing. It is better co copy information that you have checked and send a new email than to just forward..  


  1. So true. One should always check the veracity of an email before forwarding it. I used to send ones that were so untrue that I thought that they were jokes and quite funny. Then I discovered that people were taking them seriously. I rarely forward anything anymore. Kind of sad but necessary.

  2. I think a lot of people have forgotten I exist... I get VERY little forwarded emails! LOL if I see that an email is a forwarded one, and the title is silliness or something, I never open it. I don't think I ever missed something important.... hopefully ;-)