Monday, July 18, 2011

At the Grave Site

A sealed envelope was publicly handed to the preacher at the funeral. It was addressed to be read at the beginning of the service. The preacher opened the letter and read it:

Don’t bother coming to visit my grave after I die. If visiting the grave makes you feel better, that is OK, just remember, I am NOT there.” Those were the words of a wonderful lady who had a solid faith and hope of eternal life.

Many people visited her grave to remember her love and grace for living in the presence of God. In contrast to her I have known people who lived in great fear of dying and knew that no one would ever visit their grave. They live in fear of being forgotten by people and God.

How we focus our time and energy in this life is vital to the legacy we leave behind. Here on earth we live in a temporary condition and even the rich and powerful can be forgotten in a few generations. We have a choice strive for an earthly legacy that is fleeting or a heavenly legacy that has lasting significance.

Today I take my Uncle Donnie's body the the grave but I already know that he is not there.


  1. a funeral is for the surviving... it helps to say goodbye and for closure.

    A friend of mine died last summer and no one was told about it until after the funeral (just family)...not even his employees knew he'd died! For a long time I felt he was still around... that "closure" was missing.