Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A pox on both parties in congress!

A pox on both parties in congress!

I have been fed up with both Democrats and Republicans for a long time. It is not really the liberal vs conservative issue for me. On some issues I am liberal and on some I am conservative. I am fed up with the corruption and narrowness of mind. Their goal has been to be reelected and to collect as much money as possible to do so.

Both parties try to tell me what the American people want and I don’t think they have a clue. They don’t seem to know what I want.

The conservative in me wants a logical approach to our federal budget. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats know what that is.

I believe that until our debt is paid off we need both spending cuts and revenue increases. Then we must have a balanced budge article in the constitution because clearly future congresses will put us back in the same condition. The article should provide a way to borrow incase of national emergency with a pay off date for the debt.

A cut in the Federal budget needs to start with the salary budget for congress and President and last until the debt is paid off.  

I know that the process will be difficult and we will need to spread the pain when we make the hard choices.


  1. I am in complete lock-step with everything you've said here. We need to recall 'em ALL and start over. And curb lobbyists, ban PAC's, and maybe have some term limits, too.