Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Single Life

The life of a single human can be compared to a single letter in the alphabet.

Living alone it can feel almost meaningless. A person can feel lost with out direction or a goal. Every one of life’s challenges is a struggle and each defeat spirals down to depression.  A life focused inward can be good for spiritual awareness for a time but can also be a source of self criticism.

Like a letter in a word a single human involve with others can be part of a greater meaning. Life’s challenges met with others have greater possibilities for success. Having others with you in support and correction can produce an upward spiral of joy and meaning.

For me having my life joined with my total opposite has completed me. Having my life involved with church, clubs and other groups given me focus beyond anything I could do alone. There are resources in the people around us that open our eyes to new things and a greater life.

Being open to the Holy Spirit of God has empowered me in ways that excel my efforts and fulfill my dreams. Being involved with the Holy other is the essence of meaning, focus and love. Life is good with God.

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  1. a single life sucks (sorry *duck-tapes mouth*)