Friday, October 21, 2011

Small Life Changing Events

Every thing that happens to us affects and changes us in some way. Even little things are possible life altering events. A man is walking along the street and sees a poster in a stor window. Instead of walking past it he stops and reads it. He thinks about that poster for days and discovers that he needs to make a change in the way he relates to women.

Up to that time he was the macho man who flirted all the time and generaly treated women as objects. He went from one girl firend to another with no real relationships. Now tht poster has stuck in his mind and he begins a shift to new thinking. It is not just his relationship with women but his whole demoner and his view the world around him.

He maed a decision to become something he wasn't and all because he stoped to read a poster. He decided that he wanted to be a gentleman. The idea of being a gentleman was new to him. Now he seeks to learn about what a gentleman does and how he acts. It does not happen over night but it begins and in time he makes the changes to become truly a gentleman.

The poster said: “A boy makes is girl jealous of other women. A gentleman make other women jealous of his girl.”

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