Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Public Language

I was reading a local public publication that is free so they say what ever they want. In many of the articles and letters to the editor the language being used is fit for the gutter, if you know what I mean. If this language was only found in this rag that lewdly advertises "gentlemen's clubs" I would not be appalled. However crude and foul  language is becoming common place in our society. It is almost to the place where we no longer have a polite society that knows what a civil tongue is.

My mother use to teach me that the use of such words showed a lack of vocabulary.

Television is also relaxing its language controls to the point that even the "bleeps" do not cover the crass verbiage  being force upon us all the time. Once it was allowed only on late night shows but I find it being used at all hours now. Movies that use only polite language are rare to the point that even childrens m ovies are suggestive. How will our children be affected.

This is a lament that will not be headed but at least I can vent.


  1. I some times read the comments on items in news site from back home (San Diego) and I am amazed at what people write! Not only the language but the attitudes!

    I believe the foul language not getting bleeped anymore is simply the fact that all of us, and kids as well, here it all in real life anyway... it's become a part of life. :-(

  2. Hello PL I am back in blog land... I retired from my job!
    LOL thank the Lord. It was too much for me, in the end.
    I did say a word today that sounded so foreign when it came out of my mouth, about my frustration on getting a dog. It seems that I can get a dog which is good with cats, but that doesn't really matter, if I don't have a cat which is good with dogs! Also, it does seem more difficult and more red tape, to adopt a dog than a child!
    I feel really stuck about this. But even though I don't use foul language words in general, I find they are in there to pop out, probably through culture exposure.

  3. HelloPastor Larry :) Oh yes, my Dad said the same thing as your Mother did. It's so true. I try hard not to use profanity. I most usally succeed.