Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Religions Coexisting

I reposted an item about all different religions to “Coexist” and almost immediately received an email from a clergy friend who took issue with it. He felt that we should be attacking false religions and not coexisting with them.

I disagree! I am reminded by the model set by St. Paul in Acts 17 when he was in Athens with its thousand of idols. Instead of attacking their believers Paul complemented them for being very religious. He then noted that they even had an alter to an unknown god. He used that alter as a point to begin a teaching about God. Paul would accept people where ever they were in life and faith and begin to share Christ from that starting point. I believe that we Christians today should follow that same path.

Paul did not make a lot of converts that day but he planted seeds in their minds. We are reminded that one plants, another waters, another weeds and yet another may harvest. As a Pastor I have done all those things in sharing my faith with others. 

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