Monday, January 2, 2012

Point of True Beginning

Everything has a beginning point.  I looked at the blueprint for a new church building and on the corner of the lot was a point marked as “The Point of True Beginning.” It was a survey marker from which all other survey points were measured. We see all around us points of true beginnings in our lives, our families, our work, and even in the universe itself.

The bible talks about in the beginning there was God and nothing else, so God is the point of true beginning for everything. As God created the heavens and the earth, God also creates new beginning in each one of us every day. Each new year and yes each new day has a beginning for new experiences that will challenge and shape us for the future.

There are lost of new beginnings and the real question is how we will face them. Will we face them with fear and trembling looking into the unknown? Will we approach our new beginnings with excitement and eagerness with trust in our relationship with God? We can face what ever comes into our lives with confidence and hope in the promise that God is with us all the way.

Enjoy your new beginnings. 


  1. And there truly are new beginnings for all of us, no matter our age, as long as we live. I think that it's part of the excitement of life and am always saddened for older folks who lose that realization or else think they don't want to face new beginnings. Enjoyed your post!