Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gambling In Kentucky?

The governor of Kentucky has been trying to get slot machines and casinos legalized in Kentucky. This is supposed to help our budget woes. There is the old argument that because states that border us have gambling [now called gaming] Kentucky money is flowing to those states.

In my mind this is NOT a good thing!

It is said that once Bugsy Siegel, who built the Las Vagas early casinos for the “mob,” was asked by a friend which games they should play and which games to avoid. His reply was, “They are all bad bets.”

The only real winners are the owners of the gambling establishments. Yes some money would flow into state coffers but you know what politicians do with more money. We already have lottery and that was suppose to solve all our state money problems and hasn’t.

There is a very real social cost in the form of the poor to see gambling as a way out of poverty and can not see that it only get them into deeper debt. There is an addictive side to gambling that creates even greater problems.

The gambling organization will keep pressure on our government and on voters by spending a lot of their profits made in other states on ads and lining the pockets of our politicians. We must resist!

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