Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When Did You Receive Your Soul?

The US Supreme Court ruled that a woman has the right to abort a pregnancy. That is now law.

People argue as to when during the development of a fetus does it have the legal right to exist has a human. In the extremes some say only once it is born alive or opposite claim is at conception. Other in between arguments range from in the first through second trimester’s human rights. One church goes so far as to say no contraception to hinder sperm from meeting ovum. 

If humans are just soulless animals perhaps it does not matter all that much. I do not believe that we are soulless so to me it matters. So the theological question is at what point does the mass of dividing cells receive a soul and become a child of God? This is not a matter of law or rights it is theology that people of faith in God must consider for them selves. All of the world’s religions must grapple with this theological question and teach their perspective. Those who do not believe in God consider us only animals so this theological question does not matter.

My personal theological point of view is that when sperm and ovum meet successfully a soul is given by God.  What faith must teach young women is theology and then let the woman make her choice based on her relationship with God.

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