Friday, May 25, 2012

Sanitized Death

 We have sanitized death to the point that people now die out of sight in hospitals or hospices. Sometimes family members are there but often it happens alone in the night. Then we quickly ship them off to the funeral home where when we next see them they have been cleaned, dressed and made to look as if they are but sleeping. In some cases their bodies are simply and quickly cremated and the ashes packaged for presentation.

Life is a process of dying from the moment we are conceived and we need to be aware of and honor that process. Most of us know that we are mortal but think of that in the far distant future. Perhaps we try not to think of it at all. If we live to our seventh decade the future is all to clear and we can get a better feeling for the concept of our own death. Notice I said “If” and that if is a big one as accident or illness can take us quickly long before we are ready.

Being ready is a key element at any point in our lives. It is not just our own morality but also of those around us who may die with out warning. I am always aware of our gift of life and how precious it truly is. Make each day a blessing and make it count.