Saturday, June 2, 2012


Friedrich Nietzeche wrote, “Let us stop thinking so much about punishing, criticizing, and improving others. Instead, let us rather raise ourselves that much higher. Let us color our own example with ever more vividness.”

For the next six months we are in for a lot of political punishing criticizing from both Republicans and Democrats. Both sides will spend millions on ads telling us how bad the other side will be if elected. It really won’t make any difference as both parties are so corrupt that they are bought and paid for and often by the same people.

Where are the statesmen who can lead by positive example and provide our country with vision and pride? All we seem to have now are politicians who seek only reelection term after term. I think it is our own fault as we keep reelecting them to office all the while wondering why the other states keep voting for their crooked politicians.

I am praying for America.


  1. I agree with you, yet somehow I think we have much better crooked politicians than any other country.

    I would take Obama or Romney over Castro, Putin, or anyone first tame Kim anyday!

  2. I agree completely. I would love to see a new political party independent of all special interests. That will never happen of course because the two parties we have now won't allow it. Pity. Joe makes a very good point, too.l


  3. That is a point but it is here that WE live and vote.