Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making It Better

Each one of us is an important part of our Christian community for we each bring special gifts to the Body of Christ. All congregations go through ups and downs through out their life span. Attendance varies through out the year. Bible Studies come and go. Sometimes the congregation is growing and sometimes it is slipping. What can we do as individual members of our church bring to make it better?

We can each bring our positive faith in Jesus Christ instead of bringing negative fear when we gather for worship or meetings. We can face each problem of the future with a sense of purpose and mission for Jesus the Christ. We can bring a word of encouragement to the fellow member who is trying hard to serve the Lord rather than complain about the way its being done.

We can bring the kind of strength and courage that comes from knowing Jesus as our savior and following Jesus as a disciple. Do not have illusions, we as Christians are not protected from illness, tragedy, stress and depression. It is our faith in God that provides us with the power to get through anything.

We can bring to our community faith life the kind of faithfulness to the eternal call of God in Jesus that brings good things to every day and every situation.

Ministry + Mission + Purpose = a church moving forward for Jesus the Christ. 

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