Friday, August 10, 2012

One Thin Dime

As an experiment take a dime, the smallest of American coins in size. Hold that dime at arm’s length and notice how small it looks. Then bring that same dime up close to your eye and it will look like the largest thing in the world as it fills your field of vision. One thin dime, the tithe of a dollar; not much to look at nor will it buy much. What can you do with a dime?

When we take that tithe of a dollar and put it with other dimes from other Christians and churches all over the country, its effects can be multiplied many times. When we use it through our missionaries, we can turn it into food, medicine, clothes, and Bibles. When pooled though the church that dime provides ministry in the name of Christ all over the world.

          One of the things we need to ask ourselves when we receive money is, “What can this become?” We can turn coins, even little dimes, into help for the people God loves. This is what Christian Stewardship is all about: using what God has given us in ways that are pleasing to God. How big is your dime and what will it do? Your tithe of each dollar will be blessed and multiplied when it is put to work for the Lord of life. Each time your spend a dime this week, ask yourself, “What could become of this, and whom could it help if we let it?”

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  1. Excellent post! A good reminder that a little can do a lot. We need also to remember to not assume someone else will take care of the work of stewardship. It is the job of each of us.