Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time Is Fleeting

Time is fleeting and is one of the measuring rods of our existence. It moves on and on and on inexorable from one second to another in its linear flight. Time is the essence of existence moving silent and stealthy not staying for a moment nor hesitates for either moments of joy or sorrow. Like marriage it moves on in sickness and in health, by day and night in its tireless flight.

The relentless passage of time writes its message clearly in the furrowed brows, graying hair and faltering step. In the end it always wins! Yet we who are in Christ can move beyond the reaches of time to eternal life in the presence of God, feeling love and youth forever. The grace of God provides our final victory over time and its same sixty minutes an hour and twenty-four hour days.

We also have our victory over time by the way we use it filling our life stream with value, love and peace. Now is our time and now is our day of salvation to claim and make the most of it in the presence of God. What are you doing with your allotted time?

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