Wednesday, October 24, 2012

War on Drugs

The “War on Drugs” like the War on Alcohol in the 1920’s was lost at inception. In both cases the over zealous government created a monster that caused more crime and filled the jails. Thanks to the three strikes laws there are thousands of people serving life sentences for possessing small amounts of marijuana. We have created a drug culture much like the bootleg culture of the 1920’s and Mexico, Central and South America are paying the price.

As with controls on alcohol and tobacco, including sin tax, a realistic set of controls and tax on legal drugs needs to be enacted.   It is a matter of making sense concerning people’s rights to personal choices for their lives. The use of heroin and marijuana for medical purposes could be place under the same controls as present prescription narcotics. Currently doctors can not prescribe heroin for sever pain hospice care.

I do not promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs and would advise against all of them. I have made the choice not to use them. I do not need to limit other people their right to choose for them selves.


  1. Very Libertarian. I can see your point that if they are going to exist anyway, we might as well have some sort of realistic regulation over them.