Friday, December 28, 2012


I visited my mom in the nursing home today and noticed the decline in her health after recovering from a broken hip. I had expected it but actually seeing it got to me. Humanity lives from one generation to the next so I will soon find myself the oldest generation of my family. That gives me a new perspective on the subject.

How does each generation collect the best of the previous generation and pass it on to the next? The challenge is for me to take all that my mother gave me and make sure my darling daughters grasp the importance of it for their own lives?

I span two generations and am the key between them. God help me!


  1. Wonderful post! Both of my grandmothers are still at home (their own homes). My dad (70) is having a blast and enjoying every minute of his life. And there's The Kid who is 3. Yes, we must pass on all that is given to us to our children.

  2. An Ethical Will is such a great idea. Sitting down with your Mom and capturing her life for posterity is something you will never regret and your daughters will cherish forever. The Hospice for which I volunteer offers these suggestions: