Friday, December 14, 2012


We are all feeling gutted tonight after the terrible news of school children being shot. What manner of person does that sort of thing? So many questions fill our minds as our hearts ache for the parents of those dead children.

Our country has endured so many of these senseless killings over the last decade and before then. Some want stronger gun control laws and perhaps that is needed as anybody can purchase a gun either through a store or on the black market. There are more guns than people. Even though more control makes sense I am not sure it would work.

Those who do such a heinous killing have lost their conscious moral center and respect for society. If they did not have guns they would use knives or bows and arrows so the question is how do we deal with our pain and grief?

I am praying for that small community in their grief and praying for our country. How do we reach out to those so lost that they kill others and keep them for acting on their intent? Every one pray!


  1. we have very strict gun laws in Germany yet there have also been school shootings here as well... not to forget the shootings in Norway last year on that vacation island. Yes, if guns weren't available those sick-heads would use knives or something else. We have had so many stabbings lately of kids by their father or mother.... sick!!

  2. Yes Dorrie guns just let them kill more people faster.
    Sad in deed.