Monday, February 18, 2013

By Any Other Name

Depending on which brand of Christian community you belong to you might use one of three words to describe one of the things we do in worship. Those words are; Eucharist, Communion, and Lord’s Supper. They are all describing the same thing but lifting up different aspects of our common meal.

“Eucharist” – This is a Greek word that simply means “thanksgiving” and refers to Jesus giving thanks during the institution of the meal as a sacred remembrance. In using this word we also share in our giving thanks to God for the greatest gift of Grace in the person of Jesus the Christ.

“Communion” – This word is a description of the Christian Community sharing a common meal of bread and wine as the body and blood of Jesus. It also is a description of sacred conversation between worshipers with God and each other. In Communion we focus on the divine presence in the meal.

“The Lord’s Supper” – In these words we recognize that Jesus is the owner of the table and the meal. While the physical table, bread and wine are provided by the congregation they belong to Christ and so do we.

These three theological expressions of the same event that is suppose to bring us together have often divided the church and even started wars and that to me is a great sadness. My prayer is that in this sacred meal all Christians may come together some day and give thanks in communion at the table of the Lord.

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