Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LENT 2013

It seems like it is way too soon but Wednesday February 13th marks the beginning of  the Church Season called "Lent" a time for preparing our selves for the events of Holy Week and the celebration of Resurrection Sunday. You will not find the word "lent" in the Bible nor is it a required observance in the Protestant tradition. It is however an opportunity for spiritual reflection and renewal.

This year my Lenten reflection is taking on a more personal and I hope a deeper spiritual journey. At all times it is my desire to faithfully fulfill God's call as my first priority. Every day I am spending additional time in listening prayers, times of silence and spiritual openness to the Holy Spirit. I ask that you also spend some time this Lent, listening for God's direction. Let Lent 2013 be a season of spiritual growth for you and the Christian Church you attend. 

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