Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Kentucky Law

A new Kentucky law was passed over the governor’s veto. HB 279 says that "government shall not infringe on any person’s sincerely held religious beliefs unless it can show with “clear and convincing evidence” some compelling governmental interest for doing so."  I use to teach World Religions and I think there is a problem here.

Clearly our law makers have not done their homework to consider the number and variety of religions in this world who will now take root in Kentucky and some are already here. Letting people violate the law because of their sincerely held religious beliefs is an open invitation.

There are religions, already in Kentucky, who practice polygamy so now Muslim men  can have four wives and fundamentalist Mormons can have as  many as they like because of “sincerely held religious beliefs” that are long standing. 

Certain Greek religions that used sacred prostitutes may be making a comeback. Native American religions that use mind enhancing drugs to induce “visions” will be come popular in Kentucky. We already have Christian snake handling church in Kentucky that can now violate the law against handling snakes.

So welcome to Kentucky a place of anything goes if it is a sincerely  held religious belief.

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