Friday, May 3, 2013

Texting Stupidity

I was reading an article in this morning’s paper and could not believe my eyes. It was about young people who start texting in the middle of a job interview. I thought, “How stupid is that?”  Answering a text while you are interviewing for a job is the limit of disrespect and thoughtlessness. It is almost as bad as texting while driving but not quite as bad as texting during sex.

People think they can multi task and text while doing other things. Some how we are not teaching the idea that there are times when it is just not appropriate to answer a text. Come to think of it just having your cell phone on during a job interview is not a good idea. I can only think that the person seeking that job tweeted, “Suddenly the job interview ended and I didn’t get the job I don’t know why.”

Texting at inappropriate times is becoming the norm and it is driving me nuts. It happens in theaters, church, business meetings and many other places where it should not. People are doing it automatically during conversations when their phone vibrates buzzes or plays an obnoxious tune. Out comes their phone and the thumbs get busy without missing beat of the conversation. It is so rude to the other people involved. The text can wait but we have so trained our brains to the idea that we must respond NOW!

So much for my rant today, I guess I am an old fuddy duddy of a quickly passing generation of polite people who at least say excuse me for the interruption.


  1. I hear you PL! The world is changing so quickly, too quickly for me at least.
    I have two things I like about text though...( both regarding my daughter, as otherwise, I rarely text).
    1.If I call her and get no answer, I can then immediately text and get an answer.... lol might as well just text in the first place!
    2. She can be texting with someone and talking, shopping, whatever, with me at the same time. She's so fast at texting that I never sense she's doing something else! If she were on the phone that wouldn't be possible.

  2. Amen to everything you said! Texting at a JOB INTERVIEW??? Really?

    If someone is walking towards me (like in a mall, or on the street) with their head down while texting, I will NOT move out of their way. Many times I have stopped in my tracks, put my arm out in front of me, and they have walked directly into it, then look at me with a surprised look on their faces. So, at that point, I just tell them to watch where they are going, and do their texting where they are not being a pain in the @$$. Of course, they know I'm right, and kind of just walk away. Even though I know I've irritated them, it gives me personal satisfation, that I made them (kind of) realize that they are being idiots. (Diane Froehlich Heidt)