Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big Yellow Cat

This morning I was out in the front yard drinking my last cup of coffee. As I stood there enjoying a very pleasant morning I saw our neighbor’s big yellow cat stalking through the grass. She is a very big cat yellow with light stripes that reminds me of a tiger. She is a hunter and I enjoy watching her hunt.

I have watched her hunt birds, chipmunks and rabbits very successfully. For a big cat she is agile and can make incredible jumps. One day a bird was taking off from the bird bath and the cat was under it. She jumped and knocked the bird out of the air and ate it on the spot. This morning she entered my round garden in the front yard in stalking mode. The chipmunk never knew what hit it. The cat had breakfast as I watched.

I am very happy with that big yellow cat as we are over run with chipmunks and rabbits this year. Good job cat.

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