Monday, July 29, 2013

Emotions Are A Gift

All of our emotions are a gift of God. Sometimes you're going to feel
angry. Other times you will feel sad. There will be times when you feel lonely, or any of the wide array of natural human emotions which are nowhere near being happy. You're a human being; you're supposed to feel those things when life takes a wrong turn.

The desire to be happy all the time, to avoid feeling those "unpleasant" or "unwanted" emotions, is what leads many people to use drugs to change how they feel. As a healthy human being, you know that it is okay to not feel happy sometimes. These feelings help you examine the circumstances so that your can work out a new plan of action and make a change. You do not need to change how you feel at that moment your feelings will change as your circumstances change.

In fact when you feel unhappy, accept how you feel, make your peace with it, and know that this too shall pass. Your unhappy state of mind is neither your identity nor your permanent state of being. This is simply how you feel in this moment and you know that brighter feelings will come eventually.

Use your gift of the natural medicine of humor to ease your way through rough moments of life. You'll be amazed when you go back to review your journal to see that it all starts with a simple smile of knowing that the sun will return to your life.

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