Sunday, July 7, 2013

Red Tailed Hawk - Killed

This morning I received an email report that someone in our neighborhood shot and killed a red tailed hawk. That thoughtless person violated several laws and killed an important creature. These raptors keep the population of rodents such as rats, rabbits, and chipmunks down.

There are federal laws against killing hawks and local/state laws against discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood. I hope the person who did this is caught as we do not have enough hawks around here.

I am saddened that this has happened. 


  1. It is a sad event and an even sadder commentary on the human race. Rest assured that if I find out anything at all that might lead to the arrest and conviction of this CRIMINAL, I will report it in a heart beat. As an FYI, there is actually no law prohibiting the discharge of a firearm in a residential neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous ??? do you live in Bellemeade?

  3. I thought there was an ordinance against firing a gun in the city limits, too. I guess it varies city/city, state/state. Still, these creatures are part of a system that benefits us all....unless you're a rodent.

    Go get 'em Mr. Mayor! ;)