Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Kinds of Giving

There are three kinds of giving: Grudge giving, duty giving, and thanksgiving.

Grudge giving gives but says, “I hate to.”

Duty giving gives saying, “I ought to.”

Thanksgiving gives saying, “I love to.”

The Grudge giving comes from constraint and has the tone that I  have to do this and its not what I want to do. We can relate to the boy who is told to put a dime of his dollar allowance in the Sunday School offering.

Duty giving comes from a sense of obligation as many church member recognize the support of the church is important. Another example is when you come up on a beggar on the sidewalk asking for spare change and you dig into your pocket and give him some.

Thanks giving from a full heart and happens out of love and a sense of gratitude for your blessings. 

Nothing much is conveyed in grudge giving since the gift without the giver is bare. Something more happens in duty giving, but there is no song in it. Thanksgiving is an open gate into the love of God and a song of joy pours out of your heart. .

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