Friday, August 9, 2013

Church Is For Sinners

After more than 40 years as a pastor of Christian churches I know there are people who attend church who are sinners, who do not live up to their stated beliefs and some who are out right hypocrites. The church has never been a rest home for saints it is a hospital for sinners and the church is where they belong. In a sense it is all of us for we all sin in one way or another.

Many people become members of a church because their parents took them to church every Sunday and it is a habit – a good one but a habit. Some attend because their spouse demands it and well you know how that works. Some go to church because their lives are super controlled by companies, government and others and their volunteer organizations like the church are the only place where they exert control, often by being obnoxious.

There are also a few faithful saints in the church but not many. I believe that when a sinner is worshiping – for what ever reason – there is the possibility that the Holy Spirit will touch them and bring about change. I have been a witness to this event many times. It takes many forms but the results do happen. It may be a thought expressed in the sermon. It may be a scripture read that the sinner never heard before. It may be a loving act by another member of the church. What ever it is a “religious experience” happens and the sinner is changed forever.

Do sinners belong in church? You bet we do!

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