Thursday, September 5, 2013

Religious Diversity in Louisville

Louisville Kentucky like most of America has a great diversity of religions. This was evident when recently a major Hindu temple was dedicated in Louisville and over four hundred people attended. This will now be a focal point for Hindu’s from Kentucky, southern Indiana and Tennessee to come and worship. In a nod to American culture they hold their worship services on Sunday.

An interesting note to his event is that they purchased a former Presbyterian church building and converted it into a Hindu Temple. They were happy with the fact that the building had been built for religious uses and consider holy ground. Some years ago two small Presbyterian congregations merged and sold one building to a developer who in turn sold it to the Hindu sect.

Louisville has almost all the world’s religions represented here. 


  1. Unfortuneatly far too many evangelical Christiansms do not recognize the very 1st amendment in the constitution. It is a myth that all of the founding fathers were Christian
    actually many of them were Deist.