Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life Is Uncertain

An old saying is, “Life is hard and then you die.” For most of us that is the truth. Life is not only hard but also uncertain as none of us knows what tomorrow might bring our way. One day everything is peachy and the next an accident or illness can send us into a tail spin. All is going the way we want and then we loose our job when the stock market crashes and in short order we are the ones in the welfare line.

What happens next depends on the strength of our spirit and will to not only survive but to rise to the challenge before us. One person makes a come back and another slides in to depression. What makes the difference? Just as life is full of disappointments it is also full of opportunities. In the worst conditions there is always a way through to joy.

Your faith is the starting point for your success. The strength of your personal spirit is important and should be nourished in the best of times so that it will take you through the worst of times. Your uncertainty also works the other way for you can be in the dumps and turn the corner and find a new opportunity in your path that changes everything. Your strong faith keeps you looking around that next corner. Hang in there and keep your faith strong at all times.


  1. My faith has been tested a lot lately. Praying seems of little comfort unless you dig in hard but keep your head high at the same time. Great morning post ~ Thank you for reminding me

  2. Been going through some of the same thing.