Thursday, October 31, 2013

Post 1000 - Saints and Demons

We will soon celebrate “All Saints Day” and society will make “All Hollows Eve” also known as Halloween.  The saints of the first-century were men and women of flesh and blood, the same as you and I. They are people who had life to live day in and day out, but who also had a first hand interest in the Church, and worship of God.  The church began to celebrate November first as All Saints Day and it wasn’t long before superstitious people began to fear that the souls of recent dead would walk the earth on all hallows eve.

Europeans began to do things to ward off the spirits of the dearly departed and a number of traditions developed around that idea. Here in America we turned it into a fund evening for children who could dress up and extract sweets from their neighbors. The greeting card and candy people didn’t waste any time jumping on that idea and the prequel to All Hallows day became a bigger celebration than the day itself.

Enjoy your All Hallows Eve and then All Saints Day.

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