Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mother and Me in 1942

This picture of of my mother hold me in 1942 which was 71 years a go.  What a wonderful life we shared.

I have been thinking about the death of my mother in Texas. She had changed since her 90th birthday last year. It is a very noticeable change and not for the better. Many mini strokes over the years had already robbed her of the ability to make new memories but she always knew who I was and was with the moment.

This past year she broke her hip and spent time in the hospital and has been in decline ever since. She looked very frail and was no longer in the moment or knew who I am. We just went with the flow of her conversation of what ever moment she was in and enjoy being with her. I am so thankful for the care my sister Jeannie gave her. What a blessing my Sister and brother Garland have been over the years.

My mother was always a rock of faith and love for me and my siblings. Because of her I am the man I am today able to live and be at peace with God. I know that her great faith is still with a part of me and even though she is no longer with us that she will be in the arms of God forever. I am at peace with that and honor her life as a woman of Proverbs 31.

I love my mom and thank God for the life she lived.


  1. That was very thoughtful and sweet. Only a glimpse of the depth of your love for your mother.