Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Gray

Winter is setting in around here and the grass is brown, flowers are gone snow and ice have cover the ground then melted. Almost everything wears out, grows old or fades. Including me! Every year it is almost like some one has pulled a plug and over night the color is gone. Winter gray has arrived even affecting peoples moods.

As I think about these things I am reminded of our recent Christmas celebrating that added lights and laughter to all our lives. It was a reminder of the birth of Jesus the Christ and all the blessings of God's love for all of us. The Gospel is always new and reliable good news that Gold loves us so muck that even if a bleak winter enters our souls spring will come and restore good cheer and great joy.

My life goes through the seasons year after year and I have weathered each of them with the simple grace that God is with me every step of the way. My faith in God never weathers or fades and is bright as the fresh and lovely first blooms of spring flowers.

As 2013 fades into memory and 2014 beams with promise on the horizon I know that God will walk with me through all of the future.