Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Library

We have an extensive library with books all over the house. I have two books on my reading table that are giving me pleasure. As I scan our shelves I see books that are old friends from different time periods in my life. It is like they have bookmarked the pages of my life and remind me of things that have happened in the past.

Several time we have attempted to scale back on the number of books we have but both of us must agree on giving away any given book. We set up a table and put the books we are willing to give away and the other can remove the ones we want to keep. With that process in place very few books get donated to the local book sale fund raiser. We have run out of available bookshelf space so our reaction is to purchase a new book shelf. That is on my list for this week.

Rereading my old friends gives me a lot of pleasure and is one of my favorite pastimes in retirement. My darling feels the same way as I do so I can foresee a future home with built in bookshelves wall to wall and floor to ceiling all over the house. The up side of that will be no walls to paint but the down side is we have to hang our pictures somewhere. I guess we will have to figure that out.

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