Friday, May 23, 2014

Mowing in an Old Way

Mowing the lawn is one of those household chores that has always been one of “MINE” by the nature of the chore. Pointing out all the neighborhood women who mow their lawns has made no difference what so ever.

I choose to mow with an electric lawn mower because they are greener, quieter and I do not have the added danger of storing gas in the garage. Since mowing is a rote thing it often gives me time to think about things other than what to do next. You know like if I were king of the world things would be different. All was well until my electric mower developed an unexpected problem and finding some one to service it was another problem. Finding local service has never been a problem before but Louisville Kentucky is way short of people who do that. I took my mower back to the Sears store where I purchased it and they sent it off to their central service center and said it will take two weeks.

What to do for two weeks? Renting a goat is out of the question because of zoning. I did not wish to borrow mowers from neighbors and deal with gasoline and noise. A local hardware store had a sale.

A backup old fashion reel mower was an answer. I used one as a young boy so I forgot how much energy it takes to operate that thing. Lord have mercy! I guess I had a lot more energy when I was a teenager than I do at 72. Now I guess the lawn gets done in stages – read that many stages. It is a lot quieter and I am getting exercise.

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