Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reading Is Fundamental

From a very early age I taught our daughters to love reading. I did this by reading to them before they could understand so they would know that reading a book was an important thing to do. We have a large family library at home so they grew up with books all around them. They also observed Melanie and I reading all the time, which set the example for them to follow. I still remember the day our youngest stated that she was tired of being the only one in the family who could not read and she set out with determination to learn that day.

I was very please that both daughters graduated from collage and now my youngest daughter is working on a masters degree in "Information Technology" at the University of Michigan. That makes me a very proud daddy. The education of our children starts at home by our reading to them and teaching them to read before they go to school. Reading at an early age is fundamental for their ability to be successful in this world.

Teaching our girls to read encourages them to teach their children to read at an early age. The educational level of the world is raised when we as parents take the time to give our children the real value of an education both formal and informal. I learned much of what I know from my own personal reading all my life and I still do. We should all work to enhance the reading ability of all children all over the world. That would make the world a better place.

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