Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Supreme Court Rulings

Over the years our US Supreme Court has ruled on laws constitutionally in ways that upset me. The first was Roe v Wade and I still don't like it. I understand it better but it has taken me a long time though to deal with it internally.

Contrary to many opinions the court does not make laws, though it may seem that way, it rules on a law that is contested by citizens. Is the law as it is being used constitutionally correct? While that is all they do their opinions can make a lot of changes in what we do.

Only congress can propose a law. Both houses have to approve it and the president must sign it for the proposal to become law. If the president vetoes that law then both houses must over rule it with a two-thirds majority or it does not become a law. Their laws are not always good laws and some are ruled unconstitutional. It is a messy way to do government but it is a good one with lots of checks and balances.

The nine justices seldom all agree so many rulings are 5 to 4 decisions with descents published. Sorting out the constitutionally of a law is a tricky thing which is why we have an odd number of justices on the court. Either way they go people get angry and want to do away with the court but then we would really have a mess.

I pray for our Supreme Court every day it is in session as they need a lot of wisdom to decide on any case.

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