Monday, August 10, 2015

Labels Liberal OR Conservative

I was recently accused of being a liberal by some one who took issue with a post I made. A short time later I was accused of being ultra conservative by another friend. To top it off both labels came because of the same post. It says something about the two people who gave me those labels.

Labels like liberal and conservative are often placed on us by people who want to put us in a box of their choosing. Some of us chose our own label to reflect where we think we stand in our community. We do not all share exact definitions of what those labels mean so applying them to others based on our understanding may be a source of friction.

It is interesting to watch the current political debate where politicians accuse each other of not being conservative enough. The truth is often not considered in the argument but is based on our own bias. On both sides of the spectrum there are people who get angry with others who do not fit their definition of liberal or conservative. Is there a test we all have to pass on this issue? I hope not.

I am an independent mind and the fact is that on some issues I am very conservative and on others I am very liberal. If you are talking money I am very conservative! In my home, city government and national politics I believe in balanced budgets and NO debt. However if you are talking personal rights and freedom I am very liberal. I believe that unless my actions are causing harm to others I should be allowed to make my own decisions without government intrusion

Politics, religion and relationships are all open to reflection and renewal for me. I don’t change my mind easily but I am always willing to look at new evidence and seek the truth. There is not enough truth seeking this year.

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  1. I mirror you in this respect. I don't like being pigeon-holed.