Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ups and Downs of being A Mayor

Most of the time I really enjoy being the mayor of a small city. I love meeting people and helping people when I can. I believe in letting people be on their own property as long as they do not cause problems for their neighbors. I do love a peaceful community.

It is that "As long as" clause that gives me a problem. Sometimes neighbors call and lodge a complaint about their neighbor. In previous administrations the city would send a letter of citation that really left people angry. When I became mayor I wanted to give citizens the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they did not know that what they were doing or failing to do, was illegal. I like to check out the facts and then talk to the offender face to face in a polite way.

Most of the time citizens cooperate and correct the situation and all is well. When they get mad to my face and refuse to cooperate that is hard on me. If what they are doing or not doing is a danger to the community I am required by state law to act to enforce the law. Then I must issue a letter citing the law being violated and let them know what will happen if they fail to take care of it in good order. I also pray for them to come around and be helpful.

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