Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Lately I have noticed some of my "friends" both real and on line, write about the president using the term POTUS. At first I scratched my head and wondered what is this. Then I remembered that when I was in the Navy acronyms were the order of the day. The military used the acronym POTUS for President Of The United States. It is a perfectly good acronym and has been applied to all of our presidents for a long time.

The interesting thing about its current use is that those applying it to our current president are those who are very anti Obama. I have to ask why do this now? It is clear that they use it as a derogatory measure perhaps to keep from using his name. They could do that simply by saying the president. As I ponder possible motives I notice that PONTUS when pronounced sounds like pontiff as in one who pontificates. What ever the motive it is an interesting way to use the acronym established by the military for communications shorthand.

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