Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Eighth Day Of Creation

The book of Genesis tells us that God created the heavens and earth in six days and rested on the seventh.

Now comes the eighth day and we say what happened next? At that point the book begins to tell about human activity but we also learn that God was still busy overseeing creation perhaps even adjusting things a bit here and there.

Astronomy tells us that new stars are constantly being created so one might conclude that God is still working on creation even now. One would not want to limit God's activity so we can not say that God has stopped creating. This of course brings up the idea that perhaps God has created other beings in other places in God's image like us.  They may not look like us but still have the spirit with in them. We have to say we don't know but that it is a possibility.


What do you think???


  1. well, strictly we don't know creation is still happening do we? the light from new stars is reaching us all the time but they were created ages ago

  2. I wouldn't mind an eighth day..3 day weekend, anyone? :)

  3. Hopefully they will apply this idea to the new JS construct Larry...

  4. What's a day to a deity presiding over infinite suns?

  5. I have always had an open mind., and figured God did'nt create just 'us Earthlings.'

    Oh and yes, an eighth day would make for a nice three day weekend, as said in the comment up above!

  6. Sound a bit like the Microsoft solution. Rush out the product (in 6 days) and then spend an eternity fixing the problems.

  7. God's love is infinite. So why can't he love to infinity? :)