Sunday, January 11, 2009

JS Friends are the BEST

For this retired Pastor who loved JS trying to figure out differnet bolgs systems has been an experience. I had a journal for my area church on JS as well as my two personal  journals and it went the same way they did.

I set up the new church journal on wordpress and as you see with my last post getting wp to post an immage was not working. I put out a call for help to Dorrie and Summerwind and they both came through for me. JS friends are the BEST thank you both.

The jouranl if you are intersted is and is a communications tool for my post as communications moderator for the Kentuckiana Disciples Fellowship.


  1. Yes, they sure are The Best! :)

    I'm glad you got it figured out with our friend's help!

    Blessings and Happy Sunday.


  2. JS was the glad you got help to sort out. Ive still got to work out how to post photos on here!

  3. I think it's been an experinece for all of us exiles. ;)

    Glad you found help and hope WP works out for you. I didn't like it there, myself. But that's me.

  4. Hello PL... I'm glad you're still about, you're a breath of fresh air and if i were god, i'd want people like you doing my work (no blasphemy intended, you know what i mean)