Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have been thinking about several seemingly unconnected things that also have a common theme.

First is the loss of our maple tree do to the ice storm. It was a very old tree but could have lived for another hundred years or more. This summer we will feel its loss when the hot summer sun beats down on our patio. We are thinking aobut planting a new tree nearby to replace it. The next owner of this house will get the shade that we are now missing.

Several people we love have also died in the past few months some of old age and another was way too young but died anyway. We willl miss them a lot.

A computer in my wife's office bit the dust and now she has a new one and she hates to learn a new computer. She does not like computers anyway and having to learn how a new one works is trouble.

The theme here is that all living things have a "Life Span." We are reminded in the book of Revelation that even time has a life span. As with the trees, people, and computers the last moment of life can come suddenly and without warning. In fact Jesus said it would come like a theif in the night and no one knows when or how. We are just to be ready at any moment.

Be at peace with these things. Love God - love others - and get the word out.


  1. the way things have just happened in my life just by chance, it often makes me think it was "fate"....

  2. Life span or life cycle certainly hits the nail on the head...