Monday, February 16, 2009

What A Week-End

What a week-end I had. It was the best spiritual retreat for men I have experienced. It is called the Kentucky Regional Men's Chorus and it is a men's spiritual retreat that is focused on music. We had 84 men this year and 36 of us were second Bass singing in the bottom half of the bass clef range and sometimes below it. "LOVE THAT!!!"

My brother who is also a second bass drives up from Louisiana every year to join me in this retreat and it is wonderful to sing next to him and share some quality time with him.

The chorus meets for one week-end a year and at the end of it we preform in a local church on Sunday. We don't just sing the music we discuss the meaning of the words we sing and put that meaning and feeling in our singing. It is such a powerful experience that it is difficult to describe, even for this old preacher.

We are working up a web page for the group so I will publish that when it is ready.
EDIT: The web page is under construction but is up and you can listen to some of our songs in the recordings link.    Go HERE


  1. I am glad your weekend went well... my classes did, too.
    Sorry, I was too busy to work on your layout but I will soon!!

  2. Thanks Dorrie I know you will and it looks great.