Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Storm Damage

The winter storm damage was hard to take but take it we must.
The rest of it lies on the ground and will become fire wood for the survival of the next big storm.

Our once beautiful maple tree is split down the middle.


  1. Im so sorry that you are going throug this. I have been through ice storms such as this living here in Michigan and I know the heartache of property damage. You are in my prayers.

  2. I'm so glad it feel in a "safe" direction! and I hope you don't have any more storms...

  3. Dear Pastor Larry,

    I'm so relieved to read you and wife are okay. Yes, ice storms do so much damage, and I feel so blessed not to have to go through that again, as I did living in Michigan.

    Those pictures sure do tell the story.

    Let's hope and pray...that was the last bad storm.

  4. That's a big tree, and yet the storm destroyed it like it was just a toothpick. Just imagine if that huge hunk of wood crashed onto a roof. We should be thankful that the tree was the only one damaged here.